As I read over the schedule, I was puzzled by that two o’clock appointment. I was certain that the Minister of Health had made a high profile announcement just recently claiming that physiotherapy for seniors was being increased significantly. Something didn’t add up……

The first meeting started what would be another typical Friday. These are the days that remind me why after 18 years I still enjoy public service. I don’t always have the answers and my staff can’t fix every problem, but in most cases we can make a difference in the lives of the people who come through our doors looking for help. This was another one of those good days. But that two o’clock meeting stood out…..

The Promise:  “More Physiotherapy, Exercise and Falls Prevention for Seniors”

Maya Stojanovic and Michael Liougas both experienced physiotherapists, announced they were there to tell me that the government is hiding drastic cuts to physiotherapy. They were concerned for their patients who would suffer the consequences of being denied essential physiotherapy treatments. “Unconscionable” is how they described the government’s decision to cut back on this critical service for our seniors.


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