I am a physiotherapist practising in London. I am very concerned that changes recently announced by Health Minister Deb Matthews to government-funded physiotherapy will result in cuts to services for our seniors.

On April 18, Minister Matthews announced that the government would be improving access to one-to-one physiotherapy, exercise and fall prevention classes.

Beginning Aug. 1, 2013, an additional 200,000 Ontarians, 400,000 in total, will be able to access physiotherapy in long term care homes and in communities across Ontario.

Minister Matthews indicated that the government will increase the annual budget for these services from $146 million to $156 million.

In reality, OHIP funded physiotherapy expenditures were over $200 million for the fiscal year ending March 2013.

So the announced $156 million is actually a $44 million funding cut. How can 200,000 additional seniors receive treatment when funding is being cut by 22 per cent?

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