MPP Norm Miller pans planned physiotherapy budget changes

Posted June 4, 10.48pm: Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller is taking aim at proposed changes to the way long-term care physiotherapy is funded and delivered across Ontario. During the ongoing debates on the 2013 Provincial Budget, Miller has criticized a “lack of consultation that took place before the decision was made by the current government to plan for this budget cut.”

Miller says the Ministry of Health plans to spend $44 million less on providing physiotherapy, which amounts to a 22 percent cut from the $200 million that was provided for physio last year. This has physiotherapists concerned — more than 400 OHIP physiotherapists descended on Queen’s Park today to protest the spending cuts they say will result in far fewer physiotherapy treatments for the province’s most vulnerable seniors. Miller says he has met with physiotherapists in his riding and he shares their concerns. He also told the legislature yesterday that changing the funding model, by “taking it from the lowest-cost provider and shifting it over to the highest-cost provider (LHINs and CCACs)”, will result in seniors getting “less care.”


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