When Gerald James arrived at Rosebridge Manor last October, he couldn’t walk. He couldn’t even push his wheelchair to the dining room. His head was stationary against a brace in his wheelchair, and he couldn’t reposition himself in his chair.

He’d been bed-ridden for two years in his home, with care provided by support workers.

The 66-year-old ex-military security officer had given up hope he’d ever walk again.  After a hospital stay on an unrelated condition, he was placed at Rosebridge Manor.

Gary Rehan was one of the first care providers to see James. He’s the physiotherapist with Achieva Health, which provides services to residents at Rosebridge Manor.

“He was in pretty rough shape when he arrived,” Rehan says. “He was so deconditioned; his muscles had basically wasted away.”

A doctor wisely recommended Rehan start exercise programs with James.

After 5 ½ months, James took his first steps. He can now walk 40 feet, wheel himself from the back of the residence to the dining hall, and dress himself with assistance.


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